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Industry News

China’s Customs Bureau and the China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau have suspended all greasy wool imports from South Africa. This action came as a result of an outbreak of FMD in a remote northern province of South Africa where cattle, not sheep, are kept. The region has been placed under quarantine and other measures have been implemented. The South African wool industry is waiting on further details from China’s Inspection and Quarantine Bureau about its position on imports of greasy wool from South Africa. After postponing the wool auction scheduled for last week, the South African wool industry will hold a double sale this week (week beginning 25th February 2019). South Africa's exports to Europe and India are unaffected. The South African wool industry is hopeful of a resumption in trade with China very soon. South Africa produces around 42 mkg greasy of shorn wool (about 235,000 bales) each year compared with Australia’s forecast production of 305 mkg greasy (1.72 million bales) in 2018/19. South Africa accounts for just 2% of world wool production and about 6% of world production of Merino wool. In 2018, 68% of South Africa’s wool exports went to China.

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