Wool Broker Award

Wool Broker Award


The National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia’s Annual Wool Broker Award recognises and rewards excellence in wool broking in Australia. The Award recognises client servicing, auctioneering and/or innovation by a wool broker staff member who has been in the wool broking industry for 10 years or less and who is working for a NCWSBA member.

Objectives of the Award

The objective of the Award is to encourage newer members of the Australian wool broking industry and promote excellence in all aspects of wool broking. A second objective is to promote both wool broking (and the Australian wool industry) as an interesting prospective career for young people, including graduates. A third objective is to raise the profile of and increase the understanding of the important role of wool brokers.

The Prize for the Award Winner

The prize for the winner is an economy airfare, accommodation and Congress fees to attend the IWTO Congress the following year. The Award recipient will be exposed to the wider wool industry beyond greasy wool auction as well as the international trading rules system for wool. This will provide international networking opportunities and a significant learning opportunity. The winner is expected to provide a report to NCWSBA about their experiences of attending the IWTO Congress.

Media Coverage

The short-listed Finalists are interviewed for a profile piece in the Sheep Central online news site. These profiles will be run in July in the lead up to the NCWSBA Annual General Meeting and the Wool Week dinner when the Winner is announced.

The Award winner is also interviewed by staff from Sheep Central at the time of Award presentation and on their return from the IWTO Congress. The Award winner is also required to give a presentation on their experiences to the NCWSBA Annual General Meeting the following year.

Eligibility to Apply – Broker Staff

Broker staff who are employed in any aspect of wool broking (district wool officers, auctioneers, administration, risk management, technical officers) for 10 years or less and who currently work for a NCWSBA member company are eligible.

Nomination Process – NCWSBA Member Companies

Each NCWSBA member company is invited to nominate staff members for the Award via a nomination form, a candidate’s application form and a supporting written submission. Each member company can nominate as many staff members as they see fit. Full details on how to apply, including the assessment criteria, are provided below.


Sheep Central is the official media sponsor of the Award and the Australian Wool Testing Authority is the official industry sponsor of the Award.

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Timetable for Award

First call for nominations May
Follow up call for nominations May to June
Nominations close June
Selection of Finalists and Finalists notified end June
Profile pieces of Finalists on Sheep Central July
NCWSBA Annual General Meeting July (Melbourne)
Announcement of the Award Winner Wool Week dinner (Melbourne)


NOTE: Finalists are expected to attend the NCWSBA Annual General Meeting to give a short presentation, with their attendance paid for by their employer.


Nomination, Assessment Criteria and Selection Process



Each NCWSBA member company is invited to nominate staff members for the Award via this entry form and a supporting written submission. Each member company can nominate as many staff members as they see fit.

The submission to support the nomination would be provided by the candidate AND the NCWSBA member company via:

  • Candidate Application Form (see below), which includes candidate’s work history in the wool broking industry (years, work locations, roles and companies).
  • A written statement by the candidate stating why they are a suitable candidate for the award, what activities they have performed and in what way they have achieved excellence in the roles and activities, with an emphasis on the Assessment Criteria. This statement should address the assessment criteria and include at least one specific and detailed example of how the candidate achieved excellence with service delivery, marketing, administrative change or any other activity.
  • A completed Nomination Form (see below) from the candidate’s employer (must be a NCWSBA-member company) in support of the candidate.
  • A supporting statement from the candidate’s employer (a NCWSBA member) as to how the candidate has met the Assessment Criteria and has achieved excellence.
  • The name and contact details of three referees. Where possible, this should include at least one client (it is noted that this may not be possible for administrative staff) and could also include other wool broking staff (including an immediate superior) and wool buyers, if appropriate.
  • Please provide typed, not handwritten, applications.

Assessment Criteria

All applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

Demonstrate an innovative approach to a specific issue.

The ability of the candidate to carry out and deliver the innovation or service, both in the specific example and routinely.

Business outcomes:
The extent, scale and sustainability of the candidate’s work to deliver commercial outcomes to the business (for example, increased revenue, volumes, cost savings and so on).

Performance standards:
Maintaining excellence in their work, including attention to detail in preparing and delivering service to their clients (both internal company and external clients, as appropriate).

The candidate must demonstrate honest and open conduct in business, in accordance with the NCWSBA Code of Conduct.

Maintain an image of professionalism and enthusiasm which promotes the image of both the employer and wool broking. This image is both in terms of work activities and personal presentation.

A willingness to take on low-profile and high-profile tasks, including those that are outside the recognised job scope and those which receive little or no wide recognition.

Business relations:
Excellent communication skills with growers, buyers, suppliers, other company staff and so on.

Industry Awareness:
Demonstrate an understanding of industry issues and trends which affect the Australian wool broking business and the Australian wool industry.

Selection Process

Applications will be assessed by an independent Selection Panel against the Assessment Criteria. The Selection Panel will assess the written submissions against the above criteria.

The Panel will prepare a short-list of Finalists from the written applications. The selected Finalists will make a short, formal presentation on the morning of the NCWSBA AGM to the Selection Panel and to NCWSBA members. This is usually held in the last week of August each year during Wool Week in Melbourne. The Selection Panel will then make a final decision and the Award Winner will be announced at the AWIS Wool Week Dinner in Melbourne on the evening of the AGM.

The short-listed candidates will be expected to attend the NCWSBA Annual General Meeting and the Wool Week dinner. The cost of the candidate attending the final interview, the NCWSBA AGM and the Wool Week dinner is to be borne by the candidate’s employer. This cost will include travel, accommodation, meals and other Wool Week costs.


Application and Nomination Forms

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