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2017 Award finalists
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Brett Smith wins NCWSBA Broker of the Year for 2017

28 August 2017
Brett Smith of Elders was announced as the winner of the 2017 NCWSBA Wool Broker Award at the Wool Week industry dinner last Thursday evening. Brett and the other two Finalist, Russell Macgugan (AWN) and Candice Cordy (Landmark), gave presentations to the NCWSBA members and the three members of the independent Selection Panel at the NCWSBA Forum earlier on Thursday. The independent Selection Panel, Charlie Merriman (WoolProducers Australia); Ian Ashman (General Manager, AWTA); and Annabelle…

Finalists for the 2017 NCWSBA Wool Broker Award announced

17 July 2017
The Finalists for the 2017 NCWSBA Wool Broker Award have been selected. The three Finalists are: Candice Cordy, Landmark (Bendigo, Victoria) Brett Smith, Elders (Walgett, NSW) Russell Macgugan, AWN (Hamilton, Victoria) Congratulations to the three Finalists. The Finalists will give a short presentation in support of their applications to the NCWSBA Annual General Meeting and Forum on 24th August 2017, at the Crowne Hotel in Melbourne. The annual Wool Broker Award, which recognises excellence in…

Industry News

Encouraging growth in retail sales of clothing in 2017 to date

16 October 2017
Consumer confidence levels are high in many of the major wool consuming countries so we could hope that consumers are spending more on products, incuding on clothing. The latest data on retail sales of clothing in the key wool consuming countries is mixed but quite encouraging. The latest data on growth rates show that clothing retail sales in the full 2016 year were generally lower than in 2015 and lower than in previous years for a number of countries but clothing retail sales in China,…

Australian wool export value hits 14-year highs

09 October 2017
Australian wool exports have continued to rise strongly in the first two months of 2017/18, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics which was released yesterday. The volume of wool exported was 11% higher in the July-August period compared with the same period in 2016 and the value of exports jumped by 21% year-on-year. Almost all the major export destinations recorded strong lifts, with the exception of South Korea with exports declining. The largest increases in the volume…

ABARES’ bullish forecast for the Australian Wool Industry

02 October 2017
ABARES, the Australian Government’s agricultural commodity forecaster, has released bullish forecasts for the Australian wool industry. It predicts that the value of Australia’s wool exports will lift by 13% to $4.09 billion. If achieved, this will be the largest annual export value for wool since 1994/95. ABARES attributes the sharp increase in the value of Australia’s wool exports to a 3% lift in the volume of wool exports and a 10% increase in the average price paid for wool in 2017/18…

Chinese currency rises against the US$

25 September 2017
In the past, the US$ has been a relatively good guide for movements in the EMI against the Chinese currency, the renminbi, largely because the renminbi is partially pegged to the US$. However, recent currency movements suggest that we may have to rethink that. Since the start of 2017, the renminbi has appreciated by 4.9% to 6.59 yuan/US$ (units of the renminbi are known as yuan). This is less than the 7.3% appreciation seen for the $A against the US$ since January. At the same time, the Euro…

EMI hits record levels against synthetics and cotton

08 September 2017
With the recent lift in prices for Merino wool and a higher A$ against the US%, the EMI has risen by 75 UScents or almost 7% since the start of the season. The EMI is 22% higher in US$ than a year ago. Prices for other fibres have been much less volatile than the prices for wool. Cotton prices have slid since July and remain a little below year earlier levels. Synthetic fibre prices have eased higher since June, although they are 11% higher than a year earlier. As a result of these changes, the…

Mixed results for trade in raw wool in 2016/17

04 September 2017
Data on exports from the five major wool producing and exporting countries for the full 2016/17 season shows that total exports fell by 3% compared with the 2015/16 level. This is the second consecutive season that total exports from the five major exporters declined and, at 572 mkg, the total export volume was the lowest in the past decade or more. [The five major wool exporting countries are: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina and Uruguay]. Exports from Australia and South Africa…

New President and Vice President for NCWSBA in 2017

28 August 2017
The NCWSBA Board for 2017/18 was announced at the AGM. The Directors for 2017/18 are: John Colley (AWN); Rowan Woods (Jemalong Wool); Simon Hogan (Elders); Andrew Lindsay (RuralCo/Primaries of WA); Alistair Calvert (RuralCo); Geoff Clark (Quality Wool); Robert Ryan (Australian Wool & Pastoral Agency Ltd) and Emma Reynolds (Michells; Independent Director). At the Board meeting on Thursday afternoon, John Colley was appointed the new President of NCWSBA, taking over from Simon Hogan, who has been…

Australian wool production forecast for 2017/18 steady

21 August 2017
The Australian Wool Production Forecasting Committee (AWPFC) met on Wednesday last week and reviewed its forecasts for 2016/17 and for 2017/18. Its new forecasts were released on 18th August. After considering the industry data, seasonal conditions, and input from the state forecasting committees, the Committee has forecast shorn wool production at 340 mkg greasy in 2017/18. This is the same as its first forecast released in April. In reaching its decision on the forecast, the Committee noted…

IMF concerned about risks to China’s economy

21 August 2017
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday released its latest report on China’s economy and it contains some warnings about the need for China to bring its debt levels under control. The IMF predicts that at the current rate, China’s debt to GDP ratio will be close to 300% by 2022. The IMF argues that this is the number one risk to China’s economic growth prospects and could lead to a sharp correction in China’s economy. The IMF urges the Chinese Government to take action to reduce the…


Winner of the 2016 NCWSBA Broker Award Announced

25 August 2016
The Winner of the 2016 NCWSBA Wool Broker Award was announced at the Wool Week dinner in Melbourne on 25th August. The Winner of the 2016 Award is Lachlan Sutton of Elders. In making their decision, the Selection Panel noted they found the calibre of all three presentations to be excellent. They also found it difficult to separate the finalists and that all would be very worthy winners. The Panel noted that some of the most pleasing aspects from the finalists were: their obvious passion and…

Winner of the 2015 NCWSBA Broker Award Announced

27 August 2015
The winner of the 2015 National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia’s Wool Broker Award to recognise excellence in wool broking in Australia has been announced. Matthew Thomas of Landmark was selected by the independent Selection Panel as the winner. Andrew Howells of Elders and Todd Clark of Schute-Bell were the other two Finalists. The independent Selection Panel made their decision after the three Finalists gave presentations to at the NCWSBA Annual General Meeting held on Thursday,…

National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia



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