The National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia was first established in 1919 to represent the interests of Australian wool brokers. It is an Incorporated Association (incorporated in Victoria in September 2002, replacing The National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia Limited). Its objectives are:

The objects for which the Incorporated Association is established are (taken from the Rules):

  1. to promote, foster, develop and assist the Australian wool industry;
  2. to promote and protect the interests of woolgrowers and wool selling brokers within Australia;
  3. to act as a channel through which co-operation may be established and maintained between wool selling brokers in Australia in the interchange of information relating to industrial matters which affect the Australian wool industry generally or the trade, business and interests of wool selling brokers in Australia or in any State thereof and to consult in connection therewith;
  4. to consider, discuss, settle and determine the means, methods, procedure and arrangements to be used, applied, adopted and effected (having regard to any contingencies which may from time to time arise) for and in connection with or incidental to the sale and disposal of Australian wool;
  5. to confer and cooperate with any Government, Government Departments, wool industry bodies and any public bodies and any persons, firms, companies, associations and institutions, whether incorporated or otherwise, in respect to any matter directly or indirectly affecting or concerning the Australian wool industry;
  6. to facilitate and support relevant research and development and to encourage the uptake of new technologies likely to enhance the sale of Australian wool; and
  7. to advance and promote fair, orderly and ethical wool marketing practices and discourage conduct inconsistent with that object.

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National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia



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