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Industry News


In the past four weeks, superfine wool prices have dropped by between 7% and 8%, while prices for medium Merino wool (21-22 micron) have eased by 1%-2%, the 23 micron price guide has risen by 1% and fine Crossbred wool has lifted by 1%-2%. These different trends have dampened the price premium for fine and superfine wool relative to other microns.

The premium for 18 micron wool over 21 micron wool peaked in April at 47%, and has slid back since then. Even so, the current premium of 40% is more than double the average seen since 2010. The same is true for the premium for 19 micron wool over 21 micron wool. In contrast, the price differential for 23 micron wool compared with 21 micron wool is below the average since 2010. For fine Crossbred wool, the price differential against 21 micron wool has bounced back from the recent lows.

Full details including a chart showing the price relativites for 18 micron, 23 micron and 26 micron wool compared with the 21 Micron Price Guide is included in the NCWSBA Weekly Newsletter for the week ending 2nd June 2017. Available to NCWSBA members.


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